I love taking pictures, I really don't know why. 
Maybe it's because there is so much beauty in this world, and I want to just catch it and keep it when the ugliness of the world hits me down.

Photopathic means to be pathological about photography. Of course, a little exaggeration, but the world around me does disappear when I take photos. Only my camera and the motive exists. I haven't had an accident yet, luckily.

I take photos of everything and anything. Whatever catches my eyes.
It can be something great, or something small. Something amazing, or something ordinary. Something odd, or something very common. Something that strikes me in any way.

I will also show my traditional paintings and drawings here.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Know the feeling when the world around disappeares when you and your camera are in action.

    Love the expression "to take a picture". That´s exactly how i look at the process. Lots of people nowadays make their pictures and that´s fine (great pictures come alive that way also), but I certainly literally take them out of their context in time.

    1. ah yes, it's a capture! when i look around i see so many things and views that are i fact captivating, and so i want to keep that with me - photography is the best way. or maybe i have a bad memory haha :)